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My name is Joe Casey and if you're an affiliate marketer, I cater to you driving quality traffic for you with solo ads.

Why is what I'm doing important to you?
And how did I get here in the first place?

I got my start going door to door getting leads for a home improvement company. That's where I learned how important it is to have good quality traffic. Before they were getting my leads the company was pretty successful, doing a 2 - 3 deals a week, keeping 7-10 crews working through the season. After they were receiving an increased consistent flow of leads from me, that was already confirmed to be interested in what they were selling, sales jumped to 4-7 deals a week and they kept as much as 18 crews working throughout the season. Turning them into a multi-million dollar company in the late 1970's.

Why did their success grow so much?

Because the leads they were now getting were firstly already interested in what they were selling, they were homeowners and able to buy, and they were ready to listen to the offer.

I'm sure you know that getting traffic is one of the most confusing challenges online marketers have to figure out. Learning about what products to promote can come pretty easily but it can take agonizing trial and error to fit the right traffic to the right offer. Unless you know about solo ads.

I've bought many offers about how to get traffic from YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and the rest. I tried Google Adwords and SEO. But while you can get traffic with these- their complexity (and constant rule changes especially with Google) made it impossible to have time to get traffic and have time to optimize my funnel and follow up email sequence.

Joe on brick

It's been years since I got started in the internet business, but today traffic continues to be the #1 problem for most affiliate marketers. Unfortunately for almost all affiliates, who have not been able to make anything online, traffic is the reason they fail.

And that's how I can help you.

So I decided get involved with lead generation again- to help you with the #1 traffic strategy that is working for vast numbers of affiliate marketers (you can check out the free report below that explains how solo advert works), and to help you by driving targeted, quality, 'real' traffic to your landing page.

It happens in 4 easy steps:

1. You get me your landing page URL, which I will review to make sure it's a good fit for my traffic

2. I'll write an email swipe (aka creative) to promote your landing page (optional)

3. Your offer will be loaded up and blasted to my email subscribers who are targeted to your offer

4. Finally, I guarantee you'll receive real visitors to your landing page link. Or you don't pay.

Support that you should expect.

Beyond "clicks" if you have questions about email swipes, landing pages, etc, let me know. I can help.

VIP treatment for first time buyers

You will receive over delivery of 10% of your first order. This is my way of breaking the ice on your first transaction with me.

Free Solo Ad Swipe

Because I know my list I reserve the right to use my own email swipe/creative.
So this is something you can take off your to do list.

Clean Clicks

My five-point traffic filters block any and every fake click that may getting in. My five-point advanced filtering keeps out- "Abusers" who have shown abnormal, suspicious click patterns; "Anonymous" who are hiding behind an anonymous proxy, VPN, TOR, etc; "Bot" which is any type of automated program or software trying to access your link; "Spider" which is code that is used to index the web; and "Server" clicks from know web servers because the overwhelming majority are scripts used by scammers. And if any fake clicks slip through, I'll resend those clicks again - for free.

Detailed traffic report

My five-point traffic filter system also provides you with a detailed breakdown of your traffic campaign at the end of each campaign, so you know exactly what you paid for!

Up to 90% top tier traffic for you

Most all of my traffic comes from English-speaking countries. And this is important because that's where people have credit cards, good exchange rate's and a banking system that encourages credit. And this is what affiliate marketers like you need to earn $!

You get exactly the amount of clicks you ordered or more- I guarantee it!

No risks for you here! You get exactly what you pay for or more.

10% click bonus - FREE for first time clients.

No matter the amount of traffic you order, I will send at least 10% extra, if you're a first time customer to show you that I'm willing to bend over backwards to make you happy.

Choose the solo ad package that fits your appetite and your budget!

There's a traffic package for every marketer. Big or small, you will find a package that fits you. For any questions, please email me at
(Please confirm your offer is for IM, MMO, Biz Opp, or MML before ordering.)

Click Package

  • 500 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.50 CPC
  • Free campaign report when completed
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe
  • Free Capture Page (optional)
  • 90% top tier bump

$250 one time

Click to order traffic for IM, MMO, Biz Opp, or MML

Order 500 Clicks

Professional Click Package

  • 250 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.60 CPC
  • Free campaign report upon completion
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe
  • Capture Page
    (for additional fee)
  • 90% top tier bump
    (for additional fee)

$150 one time

Click to order traffic for IM, MMO, Biz Opp, or MML

Click Package

  • 100 unique visitors to your landing page
  • $0.70 CPC
  • Free campaign report upon completion
  • Free bot-protection
  • Free Email Swipe
  • Capture Page
    (for additional fee)
  • 90% top tier bump
    (for additional fee)

$70 one time

Click to order traffic for IM, MMO, Biz Opp, or MML

When you're ready to start receiving traffic PM me on Facebook.
Or you can email me at:

Guarantee Cert


Got Question's? We've got Answers.

When will my order start?

Once your offer is reviewed and is determined to be a good fit with my list, your traffic will start within 24 hours of being reviewed and accepted. 100 click and 250 click orders will be be delivered within 72 hours, usually these size orders are completed within 24 to 36 hours. 500 click orders, as would be expected, can take longer to fulfill.

Do you count raw or unique clicks?

I guarantee delivery of the dedicated number of visitors you order, by only counting 'unique' clicks. In other words, you pay per visitor --- not per click. However many times a visitor clicks your link you will only pay for him or her once.

How will my order get tracked?

As a customer of mine you get free tracking done for you. You can enjoy your peace of mind while I set everything up for you, and provide you with a full tracking report when your order is complete. If you are using your own tracking service please provide the link for your "public stats page" when you send us the link to send your traffic to.

Do you offer USA only clicks?

Yes. My standard traffic is 80 - 90% tier 1, but I also hold a section of pure USA traffic. Email me in advance for more details at

What is the source of your clicks?

Placing and order with me allows you exclusive access to hot email lists of fresh, engaged solo ad prospects.

How can I track opt-in rate?

As the owner of your capture page, you are the one tracking you opt-in rate. You will be able to access it on your end if you are building your own list, or with the product provider if someone else follow up with your leads.  

What kind of opt-in percentage can I expect?

Since every offer is different we do not guarantee a percentage of opt-ins to your order. While there is no guarantee for opt-in percentages, normal industry standards for expected opt-in rates is between 18% - 25%.  

Will you provide ad copy or do I need to provide one?

If your offer is a good fit with my list, I will carefully analyze it and write the best copy that will resonate with my list for you, for free. If you insist on using your own copy for any reason, please message me with further detail and I will consider it.  

How much of your traffic is mobile?

I have different list segments, with both mobile and desktop traffic available. If you're specifically interested in one or the other contact me before ordering and I'll hook you up with the segment you're looking for. All our traffic is responsive, but please note that desktop only traffic will be 72% more expensive than normal traffic segmentation.

Will I get sales?

While no one can guarantee sales, I can guarantee access to fresh, high-quality source of leads that is well know for the sales it scored with previous traffic campaigns. To increase your chances to score those sales further, I will also provide you with an extra 10% over delivery, on the house.  

Do you offer discounts for repeat customers?

Yes. I am open to discussing a discount for your repeat orders, depending on the quantity and frequency of your orders.  

How much traffic can you deliver in one order?

I offer packages of up to 2,000 clicks, but, if your offer is a good fit, I am willing and capable of delivering well beyond that. If you are looking to place a large order of 10,000 clicks, 15,000 clicks, or more, email me at and we'll discuss further details. 

Do you accept Paypal?


Do you accept credit cards?


Do you accept bitcoin?


Still got questions?

I'll be happy to answer any questions you've got and if you're ready to start receiving traffic
PM me on Facebook. Or you can email me at: